Andi Knauss

Württemberg, Tyskland
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Andi Knauss
Andi, who now is in his early thirties, started to work together with his father at their family estate in 2004 as the third generation. Vineyard land here is expensive, but Andi has slowly built up the es-tate parcel by parcel, sometimes just a row, and today he got 15 hectares of vineyards.
The vineyards are situated at 270-430 meters above sea level and are composed of different types of limestone, basically layered on top of each other. The work in the vineyards has been naturally since he started and the winemaking careful and punctual. Natural fermentations and minimal sul-fur are the norm throughout the range and some wines see no sulfur at all - which is a bit of a rarity in Germany.
The whites offer elegance, fruit and heaps of minerality. His reds are aromatic, fruity and delicate.