Loire, Frankrike
Manuel Pescheux och Marion Landron
These two have really been around. After studying viticulture, Manuel Pescheux went to New Zealand to work at Felton Road for one year. Marion Landron soon joined him and somewhere between grapes and barrels they realized that wine was their thing. They went back to France to work with Manuels father, Jo Landron, who’s been making Muscadet for quite a while. Then off again, this time to Argentina to work for Louis Antoine-Luyt. But since France is the shit (as we all know) they returned home once again. Marion went to viticulture school in Amboise and they both worked for 2 years in Mont Louis before starting their own project in Muscadet. This was in 2013 and the first vintage was made the year after, in 2014. They farm 8,5 hectares where 7,8 hectares is Muscadet. All the vineyards are worked organic. They have four different kinds of soils that gives four main cuvees; Croix Moriceau, NoLem, Le Breil and Le Mortier Gobin.
These wines are refreshing and have a beautiful minerality with nice fruit and high drinkability.